Make sure your roof is still working correctly. For roof repairs in Bossier City, choose A+ Roofing.

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At A+ Roofing, we paint the town red – but you can choose whatever color you want for your home.


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We’ll Give Your Home a Passing Grade

We’ll Give Your Home a Passing Grade

Roofing services, painting and more in Bossier City, LA

Does your home need a facelift? An extensive repair? A+ Roofing offers a variety of home remodeling services to improve the look, feel and functionality of your home or small business. We are a home improvement company based in Bossier City, LA offering the best in painting, roofing, remodeling and more. You don’t have to live in a worn down, broken home. If you have a project in mind, we have what it takes to get it done. Schedule a time to chat with A+ Roofing today.

3 reasons to choose A+ for Home Remodeling Projects

Chipping paint. Warped shingles. Leaning trees. It’s easy to see when a home needs attention. If your home needs a little TLC, A+ Roofing is on the case. Whether there’s something broken or just unappealing, we’ll find a fix. Your neighbors in Bossier City have come to us for interior painting, exterior painting and more, because we have a:

  1. Expert who is familiar with the best roofing & remodeling products to use on your home
  2. Former insurance adjuster on staff to assist with roof and home damage claims
  3. Strong commitment to using the best products from top brands

Want to remodel your kitchen? Paint your garage? A+ Roofing goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Soon, you’ll have a house you can finally call home.

We’ll help your home reach its full potential – contact us today!

If your residential or commercial property needs attention, call the team at A+ Roofing. There’s plenty we can do to bring new life to your property. To get started with any of our services, call 318-272-6235 today.